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We provide services to those interested or those already participating in European Union's Programmes like E-TEN requiring the drafting of business plans. Our main subject is to give support, which stands for guidance and assistance in preparing and improving such business plans.

Our support

An international project team runs the BPS (Business Plan Services) Project (About Us). If you want to access our databases created in this context, you need to register first at the registration menu at the left of his page. Once your registration has been confirmed, which will be done in no more than two hours time, you need to log-in via the registration menu and to browse our databases by using the navigation buttons at the left hand side You are welcome to comment entries, report changes and post observations either directly with the item concerned, in the Discussion Database or by writing to With Community support for this project no longer available, we will update information if advised, but not by conducting systematic research as in the past.

Databases with helpful literature, software (BPS Literature) and addresses (BPS Addresses) on business planning from throughout Europe have been compiled and are on this website.

A specific manual on business plans (BPS Manual) has been written and newsletters (News) shall keep all registered users informed about news and events (BPS Services).

This is the result of a EU funded project not following commercial interests. The registration is free of charge, you will automatically receive our newsletter. If you do not want to obtain newsletters, you can unsubscribe any time to erase your data from the mailing list. Your personal data will only be used for this project and for its statistics. (Privacy Policy)

This World Wide Web site contains the Business Plan Support (BPS). We work hard to keep information and services provided on this site timely and accurate and appreciate user's comments to improve performance. Nevertheless, all information and services provided are subject to a disclaimer and a copyright notice.

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